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    10# Patreon Q&A [April 2018] 


    01  2:22 free will; Sam Harris’s opinions on free will
    02  15:57 chaos vs. order
    03  30:54 gay couples raising children
    04  35:26 distinguishing reality from unconscious projection
    05  40:58 how to combat foggy thinking while working/writing
    06  46:54 how past experiences shape our free will (see q. 1)
    07  47:42 proper role of a therapist
    08  55:52 experiencing willful meaning in a fortuitous world
    09  59:44 how to increase industriousness (23rd percentile) w/ 90th percentile orderliness
    10  1:06:28 physical attractiveness as a determinant of success
    11  1:09:29 psychological egoism, altruism, and re-conceptualizing “self-interest”
    12  1:18:17 current thinking on Orthodox Christianity
    13  1:21:32 opinion of Myers-Briggs personality test
    14  1:22:55 how women who waited too long to have children can find meaning
    15  1:28:06 telling the truth amidst totalitarianism
    16  1:29:31 why to have confidence in one’s own speculative opinions
    17  1:31:51 how to deal with a loved one’s suicide
    18  1:37:55 what to do when confronted with implicit-bias training at work

    Copied from YouTube (credit to CamsLiveVideo)

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    Biblical Series 11 (XI): Sodom and Gomorrah *Q&A* 

    01  1:52:22 So how does it feel to be a grandfather?
    02  1:53:11 How does circumcision as a method of sacrifice makes sense if the circumcised can’t agree?
    03  1:56:31 With the phrase from Maps of Meaning “you have to earn the right to identify with an idea”, how should a young person, without life experience, read and interact with the wisdom of culture and incorporate it into a structure that still is authentically their own?
    04  2:00:13 How do you reconcile the different approaches from Eastern and Western philosophy with one another?
    05  2:06:37 Can you expand on the Notion that you face the sins of your family all the time?
    06  2:12:17 What is going on with censorship and what should people do about it?
    07  2:16:46 How do you convince people to see a point in standing up?
    08  2:21:21 What happens to society if company’s like google, which controls our information, censor not only themselves but also the information they make available to the world?
    09  2:25:17 Regarding the Book of Revelations: Why is the State referred to as female, positive and negative, while you refer to the State as male or masculine?
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    Biblical Series 10 (X): Abraham: Father of Nations *Q&A* 

    01  1:51:20 […]
    02  1:58:19 How to overcome procrastination?
    03  2:01:44 About solving the University problem
    04  2:09:15 Comment about orthodox Christianity
    05  2:12:44 Psychoanalytic attempt on atheism
    06  2:14:46 In context of a quote, on the question of the resurrection of Christ, why is your answer to your own question “I don’t know” instead of “probably not”?
    07  2:21:03 Why did Christ says on the cross”my god, why have you forsaken me?” and about similarities between Isaac and Christ and difference of direction in sacrifice
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    9# Patreon Q&A [March 2018] 

    01  0:44 – “What should teaching and research in the humanities look like?”
    02  3:08 – “Have you thought about slowing down? People are worried.”
    03  5:05 – “Many who respect your work feel your tweets are expedient or impulsive. Would you consider changing the way you tweet?”
    04  12:25 – “What of a client’s need for autonomy/identity in therapy? They would prefer that which is meaningful and therefore under their control. Is this not unhealthy?”
    05  18:00 – “Any update on your plans to start independent classes or an online university?”
    06  20:57: “I married young and have only had one sexual partner. Now I desire variety but value my marriage and will not cheat. Advice?”
    07  24:27 – “Why do you not discuss religious fundamentalism more often and in depth? Many consider you a religious apologist as a consequence.”
    08  30:05 – “Hello, Dr. Peterson. I’ve been trying to listen to my conscience, but I can’t tell the difference between fear, willful blindness, or genuine conscience.”
    09  37:55 – “I’ve watched many hours of your videos, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard you describe yourself on the big 5 model. Care to tell us how you rank on each trait?”
    10  40:48 – “My wife and I found out earlier in the year we might not be able to have children. Then, last month I was diagnosed with cancer. How do I combat depression?”
    11  49:09 – “Please give your perspective on why polyamory is bad for the individual and society”
    12  54:37 – “How do you think altered states of consciousness or shamanic experiences can or should be integrated into modern life and scientific thought?”
    13  57:44 – “I don’t even have the conscientiousness to sit down and do self authoring. I bought it over a year ago and haven’t even opened it. What the hell is wrong with me?”
    14  1:03:35 – “My wife says I’m like you (obsessed with ideas) and seldom want to talk about much else. She wants me to ask if you wife is ever annoyed by it.”
    15  1:05:37 – “Hi, Dr. Peterson. I’m a member of the translators who translate your videos into Chinese. How can I speak the truth and survive in China and protect my family?”
    16  1:08:52 – “My brother committed suicide and I’m taking care of my sister’s kids, ages 7 and 3, until she’s stable. How can I help them cope with the loss of their uncle?”
    17  1:12:09 – “I’m a minority. My kids are mixed. I resent the disempowering narrative of victim-hood being handed to them. It’s lazy and offensive. How to arm them against it?”
    18  1:15:29 – “Sam Harris has accused you of sophistry in your bible lectures. How do you draw the line between sophistry and a valid reading?”
    19  1:21:27 – “How is it that society has not learned from history about the dangers of socialism, Marxism, ideology, etc. after years? How do they get away with it?”
    20  1:27:11 – “I am 46, retired executive, wealthy, competent, and full of juice. Who can I talk to if I want to invest time/money/energy into your university?”
    21  1:30:00 – “I am a sober alcoholic/drug addict. How can I find my way back to a higher power after ten years in an empty void of atheism? I’m falling apart.”

    Copied from YouTube (credit to Nick Austin)


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    8# Patreon Q&A [January 2018] 

    01 0:01:29 How can we know the difference between “unhealthy repression” and “healthy self-restraint” of sexuality?
    02 0:06:31 Why are dragons in western culture bringers of death and destruction that must be slain, while in the East, they’re portents of good fortune to be revered?
    03 0:09:53 You often mention disciplining children so they behave; what is your advice for making them behave without resorting to corporal punishment?
    04 0:19:35 Can we take the biblical stories seriously enough without also keeping biblical traditions? What’s the psychological impact of groups gathering (church going)?
    05 0:21:50 I was wondering what your thoughts are on meditation and if you practice it yourself? If not, why?
    06 0:26:58 How do I deal with the fact that I am a pedophile? And should I tell my family and friends?
    07 0:28:59 I was wondering what you thought of Santa Claus. Is it a healthy thing for parents to practice? What’s the psychological impact of lying to your child?
    08 0:30:22 You once mentioned you were planning on making an IQ test available online alongside the Big Five Aspects Scale one. Is that in the works?
    09 0:34:33 You often give guidance to young adults to help them avoid some of the pitfalls of life. Any advice for those of us who are 40+ who have already faltered?
    10 0:39:37 I don’t think my wife loves our internationally adopted daughter and she won’t go to counseling with me. My house is filled with tyranny and anger. Any advice?
    11 0:42:10 You have talked about the difference between intelligence and wisdom, saying intelligence isn’t a shortcut to wisdom. What is your definition of wisdom?
    12 0:44:47 Why is self-sabotage such a feature in human life?
    13 0:48:16 Any advice for a grieving parent who lost a child unexpectedly?
    14 0:49:46 Are there ever situations where you should hold your tongue and not speak what you believe (fear of being fired, etc.)?
    15 0:52:44 Jung suggested that the Christian myth failed to articulate Christ’s descent into hell and that this resulted in the mass shadow projection of The West. Thoughts?
    16 0:58:10 How should one deal with recurring self-pity and why is it so gripping?
    17 1:01:22 How do you boost your confidence talking to people and get rid of the paranoia that people hate you or don’t like you and think you’re trash? That’s how I feel.
    18 1:04:49 What are your thoughts on Sophia’s citizenship status?
    19 1:05:43 Do you ever fear that your psychological reading of the Bible is wrong?
    20 1:07:02 How do I tell my half-brothers (aged 14 and 17that their father didn’t leave 3 years ago, but that we kicked him out because he is a pedophile who targeted my sister. The eldest is autistic; I’m tired of lying.
    21 1:07:59 I’m a British conservative millennial training to be a school teacher. How can I protect children (aged 5-11) from postmodernism which is everywhere in school?
    22 1:09:13 If the right to identify with certain arguments has to be earned, how does one earn it? How do we truthfully discuss ideas for which we have not earned it?
    23 1:12:48 I’m a female student in STEM and I feel bombarded by all the feminist groups trying to infantilize me. How do I prevent them from turning me into an adult child?
    24 1:14:27 What books ought we read to our young children?
    25 1:15:49 How can you be a good partner to someone suffering from depression; helping without enabling, and pushing without being too judgemental?
    26 1:18:55 You said you don’t go to church because the pastors are “lying” most of the time. What do you mean by “lying” in this instance?
    27 1:19:54 My first ever girlfriend of 3 months is pregnant and keeping the baby. She said I can walk away or marry her, no in-between. I don’t love her… what do I do?
    28 1:22:35 We are expecting our first child in May, a daughter. Any advice specific to raising daughters?
    29 1:23:56 We’re there any lecturers/lecture series that you found helpful to you (like yours have been to so many?)
    30 1:25:47 Could you please tell us your second ghost story as mentioned on H3H3 podcast?
    31 1:26:19 Have you read much Thomas Sowell? In many ways he fulfilled your societal role for the last generation but from a different academic perspective. Thoughts?
    32 1:27:57 If you could talk to Donald Trump for a day what would you try to say/ convince him about?
    33 1:29:26 How would you give a speech to Soldiers entering the Army about responsibility? I will command a basic training unit and address young Soldiers. Advice?

    Copied from YouTube (credit to Viktoria Serkis)

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    6# Patreon Q&A [October 2017] 

    01 1:58 Are you hiring any software developers? I’d like to help.
    02 4:27 How do I use the results of the new personality test for progress in life?
    03 6:39 Thoughts on gay marriage?
    04 9:15 I’m experiencing depression and am having a hard time as a first time mom with a 9-month-old. Advice for being a good mom?
    05 13:13 How can you dispute the theory that Jesus is just a re-write of the sun god myth?
    06 15:33 Have you watched Rick and Morty?
    07 16:07 What’s the best way to stop drinking and to do my best in my psychology degree?
    08 18:04 Are you a science fiction fan?
    09 19:30 I have agoraphobia and would like to hear you talk about anxiety.
    10 23:58 How is the website that identifies post-modern college courses coming along?
    11 25:18 Can I be a successful teacher if I am an introvert?
    12 27:55 Would you consider having a discussion with Thomas Sowell?
    13 29:59 Do you ever miss Montreal?
    14 30:36 It seems we are bound to repeat history; what is old becomes new again. Why can’t we find equilibrium in our society?
    15 33:10 How can I overcome my fear of driving on freeways?
    16 35:58 Thoughts on the Vegas shooting?
    17 44:08 What is the best way to find a routine when you’re diagnosed Bipolar?
    18 48:58 Do you believe there is a strong undercurrent of gnosticism in our country?
    19 50:36 I have trouble regulating my emotions. it may be because of high openness/conscientiousness/neuroticism and low agreeableness/extroversion. Any tips on dealing with that?
    20 55:02 Should I hide my anti-feminism as I study university to become a nurse?
    21 56:14 How important is the right to bear arms?
    22 58:31 Advice for someone with intense chronic pain who wants to contribute to society and tend to responsibilities?
    23  1:01:44 Freedom of speech is not license to bully.
    24 1:03:27 What moment triggered your obsession with the topics of the biblical series and Maps of Meaning?
    25 1:06:11 Will you lecture in The Netherlands?
    26 1:06:34 I’ve heard depressed people say that antidepressants did nothing to help them. What do you say to that?
    27 1:08:44 What do you think the role of psychedelics will be in the future?
    28 1:10:50 What’s with all the synchronistic frog occurrences?
    29 1:12:28 Have you ever performed a ritual sacrifice?
    30 1:13:34 Aren’t there any positive things about post-modernism or the egalitarian wave of the 1960’s?
    31 1:15:36 Who else would you pick to have an intellectual conversation with? Will there be a third talk with Sam Harris?
    32 1:17:30 Advice for those with high intelligence but low agreeableness/extraversion in making and maintaining friendships?
    33 1:19:27 How should a manager use the Pareto principle to increase employee performance at work?
    34 1:21:29 How are you feeling? Are the food sensitivities getting under control? Are you getting enough rest?
    35 1:23:00 How do I make a schedule that doesn’t make me a tyrant to myself?
    36 1:23:58 What are your thoughts on students taking Adderall? What are the long-term effects?
    37 1:25:01 Any reading tips for aspiring teachers who don’t want to be corrupted by the universities?
    38 1:26:11 Help! I’m 99th percentile in openness and 0th percentile in conscientiousness.
    39 1:27:27 What’s your favorite Tom Waits song?
    40 1:28:08 Is it wrong to turn down a promotion?
    41 1:30:01 How do I address those who actively oppose the wisdom of the biblical stories on atheist principles?
    42 1:31:12 What do you make of the gnostic gospels like the Gospel of Thomas?
    43 1:32:12 in one of your videos you mentioned the power that creates order from chaos but can also create chaos from pathological order. Can you explain the latter?
    44 1:35:02 Do what extent do you think your advice to young people are predicated on your own personality?
    45 1:38:16 Can one rationalize with an intelligent stalker?
    46 1:39:34 How can I overcome or live with my fear of malice and disappointment in man?

    Copied from YouTube (credit to Ollie Chadra)

    I left out some comments that i thought weren’t important, if you think otherwise tell me.

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    7# Patreon Q&A [November 2017] 

    01  2:20 – How do you justify a rejection of identitarianism when a pillar of the neo-Marxist strategy is to demographically replace the indigenous people of Europe. London is less than half ethnically English.
    02  4:28 – I lose my ability to think straight or intelligently in confrontational or unfriendly social situations. Any suggestions for adaptations or improvement?
    03  7:27 – I would love to hear you do a lecture series on raising children properly. Is that something you would consider?
    04  10:00 – Looking at myself honestly, I’m deeply envious and resentful of others’ happiness. How do I turn this around?
    05  12:28 – Why are you now hiding the amount you receive from Patreon?
    06  14:30 – Thoughts on the radical left and their superficial view belief and value of the environment? How is this influenced by their own raw emotions, inviting questionable, immoral and dangerous actions despite good intentions?
    07  16:28 – How does one save a marriage when there’s no longer attraction both physically and intellectually? There are kids involved, which is the main reason for wanting to save the marriage.
    08  19:14 – You edited out a disagreement with Camille Paglia. What was it?
    09  19:43 – Are you interested in coming to Australia?
    10  20:05 – How can a person go through the Future Authoring process and imagining a future for yourself as though you were someone you care about when you don’t care about yourself or even hate yourself?
    11  21:35 – Were the Nazis left-wing?
    12  23:32 – Who has the higher IQ – a really gifted mathematician or a really gifted painter?
    13  26:02 – Hello Doctor I am a 23 year old man with paranoid schizophrenia. However I feel [like I am] controlling 95% of it. I desire to seek a partner but I am afraid about how to reveal it. Any advice on how to approach it?
    14  27:59 – How would you address accusations that you are creating another ideological group identity which is equal in its capacity for destruction to post-modern neo-marxism?
    15  31:27 – What is the evolutionary reason for having consciousness?
    16 34:24 – Would you consider a more official consultancy role with Andrew Schier’s conservative party?
    17  37:36 – Recently moved up and was promoted and I’m not liking it because I’ve had to adjust massively. Is there a difference between not liking your job and a lack of discipline to form a change? Are they connected?
    18  38:59 – My IQ is north of 130 and I question my own intelligence all the time. I feel a big cognitive dissonance between what people expect of me and what I consider myself capable of.
    19  41:03 – question got blocked out by lag or something? You can catch part of his answer starting at about 41:15, it has to do with what art he likes
    20  42:00 – Hi Dr. Peterson, how does a score of 91 for compassion and 1 for politeness equal a score of 35 for agreeableness?
    21  43:30 – The opioid crisis in my community in the Midwest of America greatly bothers me. I have been thinking about becoming a police officer. The culture hasn’t been very favourable towards cops lately. Maybe majoring in law in grad school instead. Advice please, thanks.
    22 47:29 – Hi Jordan, what are feelings and why do we have them?
    23  51:38 – Recently I took a job working at a camp with at-risk boys. While I am there I will live as a counselor in a house with the kids. Any advice for working with young people with behavioral issues?
    24  54:15 – How do you clean your room when your spouse doesn’t share that goal?
    25  57:28 – What advice would you give the parent of an only child?
    26  58:18 – How’s the grandpa-ing going?
    27  59:14 – I constantly cannot verbalize my thoughts, written and vocal, regardless of topic and my level of knowledge. Tips for verbalizing thoughts to get them into writing and therefore speech?
    28  1:01:12 – What is your plan if YouTube deletes your account?
    29  1:02:00 – How to be less afraid of death?
    30  1:04:34 – Dr. Peterson, I have an interview for medicine coming up very soon, it’s structured in the MMI format and it’s intensely competitive. Any tips on how to stand out from the rest?
    31  1:08:14 – Many of my friends sing the wonders of diversity. I try to tell them diversity isn’t a moral good, but I end up looking like some terrible racist. Why isn’t diversity a moral good?
    32  1:12:22 – How does one distinguish an argument coming from oneself rather than from ideology?
    33  1:15:50 – I scored in the 0th percentile for conscientiousness and 84th for neuroticism. How do I improve these scores?
    34  1:17:42 – How can you be confident and courageous when your father was emotionally absent and narcissistic? I’m 21 and quite creative, my mother is a people-pleaser who isn’t confident in herself and uses me as emotional support. Help.
    35  1:20:04 – Can’t increase your IQ in any significant way Eat healthy, do the right thing, best potential
    36  1:21:21 – I often don’t do very well/don’t trust myself to stand up for myself in aggressive situations. How do I know when I’ve incorporated my shadow?
    37  1:23:53 – Can you please release your new book as an audio book as well in your own voice?
    38  1:24:29 – Would you ever consider having a dialogue with a legitimate Muslim scholar?
    39  1:26:08 – I’ve been incredibly inspired by what you do and would like to enlighten people in a similar manner. Is it appropriate to aim to have as much an impact as you or more so?
    40  1:28:40 – Should artists waste their time in art school?
    41  1:29:56 – Why did you have a problem with Lindsay Shepherd being criticized for being non-critical but you criticize Faith Goldie for being non-critical?
    42  1:33:01 – Do you think you publicly disassociate yourself enough from neo-nazis who use your work as justification for violence and propaganda?
    43  1:36:02 – Address the Jewish question.
    44 1:39:26 – Should I start with Past Authoring if I am 40? I feel like I have so many unsolved issues from my past which prevent me from accomplishing my potential.
    45  1:39:52 – [Reading from 12 Rules for Life begins]

    Copied from YouTube (credit to fearingmusic)

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    4# Patreon Q&A [August 2017] 

    01 6:46 Are there any women/girls in the audience?
    02 7:40 What would be a practical approach for developing your shadow?
    03 15:54 What is your opinion on open relationships/polyamory/other forms of non-monogamy?
    04 17:16 My girlfriend is quite overweight but I really love her. Should I try to encourage her to lose weight? Aside from personal preference, is this likely to explode into a major issue down the road?
    05 19:39 What is the story behind your logo that you use in your intros? Where did it come from?
    06 27:18 For those who are very creative but high in neuroticism. How should one work to gain emotional stability in order to go out into chaos to do more creative things?
    07 30:49 How would you suggest someone who is a jack of all trades and master of none conduct themselves? I am yet to find my passion.
    08 33:41 What is the female equivalent of the hero archetype?
    09 39:43 What is it you are doing to avoid becoming arrogant? Your current situation is very inviting for that.
    10 45:00 In one of your lectures you said the film Frozen was garbage; can you elaborate on your thoughts on the film? Also have you seen Moana?
    11 45:50 What were you like when you were 25?
    12 52:26 I’m 20 my parents have made it clear they don’t want me to leave home. They are both drug addicted, depressed, and antisocial. How do I leave without killing the only positive relationship they have?
    13 54:28 Do you have in mind a more specific breakdown of the social sciences, for example, is one lacking more than the others (i.e. Philosophy vs. Sociology)
    14 58:22 Did you fail any classes at University?
    15 59:54 You claim hierarchies are efficient enough, and yet you claim that 95% of creative people get stuck at the bottom..
    16 1:03:13 What evil deity will enslave the human race come the eclipse?
    17 1:03:22 What is the difference between equity and equality?
    18 1:09:15 What does your average daily schedule consist of?
    19 1:11:12 In Tolstoy’s “Confessions”, he talks about meaning in faith. He had many problems with religion and the Church. How can a non-religious person find a meaningful non-religious Faith?
    20 1:13:51 Thoughts on the drug epidemic?
    21 1:16:30 Dr. Peterson, are you aware of the similarities in the work of Anthony Robbins and with a lot of what you are doing in the Self Authoring Suite?
    22 1:17:23 What do you think about ADHD? I have it and am frustrated by my failures in life because of it. I am trying to become a chemist and am currently failing school.
    23 1:18:56 You once compared religion and science as tools that can be used to more accurately understand your position. Do you think that gender and biological sex are two tools in describing an identity?
    24 1:19:54 My brother is a soldier in Iraq, as a clinical phycologist what should one do when coming from such a chaotic place back to a tame and structured one?
    25 1:22:02 Do you think a lot of your work is the form of the bargaining stage of grief?
    26 1:23:01 Could you comment on the Buddhist concept of impermanence, and the finite nature of reality being what gives it meaning, and how that concept conflicts with ideas of eternal life in heaven?
    27 1:26:50 Can an introvert thrive in the field of Law, or should they avoid it altogether?
    28 1:28:30 Dr. Peterson, do you believe the evidence for God lies primarily in inner personal experiences?
    29 1:30:20 I am told that my over-analyzing is a double-edged sword, but I’m suffering from being this way. I find relief when I drink alcohol, smoke or take certain drugs because it slows down my thought process. How can I use my over-analysis to my advantage.
    30 1:35:59 Do you believe there is any connection between leftist identity politics of past decades and the emergent white identity politics of the alt right?
    31 1:37:34 What is your view on the book /movie Fight Club ?
    32 1:39:55 When is the high-school student program you were coming out with happening?
    33 1:41:22 Thoughts on the Jews?
    34 1:41:55 What do you have to say about girls who grew up without fathers?
    35 1:43:14 What advice would you give to a person high in agreeableness and conscientiousness get a significant other who is left leaning or one who is leaning towards radical leftism.
    36 1:43:45 Do you think Islam is compatible with the West?
    37 1:44:49 Dr. Peterson, what was your relationship with your mother and father?
    38 1:46:36 I have a friend considering majoring in psychology; any suggestions you would give them?

    Copied from YouTube (credit to Viktoria Serkis)

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    3# Patreon Q&A [July 2017] 

    01 0:52 What’s an effective way to figure out how to match your career with your temperament? How can you determine if a job is a good fit or a terrible mistake?
    02 7:14 Piaget’s final stage of morality was “he who can create the rules”. Would you please provide an example of what that means? I’m having trouble differentiating that from moral relativism.
    03 8:49 Women have a tendency to prefer ‘bad men’ higher in dark triad traits. How come the bible describes a mode of being as associated with ‘nice guy’ traits which contradict that behaviour?
    04 11:58 Which is the most accessible of Jung’s books? Which is the most impactful to you?
    05 13:03 What are your personal strategies for consuming the news? How do you walk the line between wanting to be informed while avoiding the danger of cluttering your mind?
    06 14:19 How we revive interest in the ‘good mother’ archetype?
    07 18:22 Highly creative, stupendously low in conscientiousness. Am I doomed?
    08 20:56 My goal is to be married and on my way to starting a family within 5 years. Is this a legitimate goal to have for myself?
    09 22:35 Do you suggest homeschooling with the state public schools are currently in?
    10 24:00 Why is Jordan Peterson’s webcam 1000 times better than all my favorite YouTubers with millions of subscribers?
    11 24:42 How do you plan to buffer yourself from the deteriorating side effect of success?
    12 36:11 Being a highly creative woman, I find myself fearful that having kids will be spiritual suicide, hindering my endeavors, but I also don’t want an unfulfilled life. Can I have a full life w/o kids?
    13 41:36 When are you appearing on H3H3?
    14 41:51 How do you help someone with borderline personality disorder?
    15 42:38 Some people have criticized your portrayal of Postmodernism, in what ways would you’d claim you were fair/unfair in your assessment of its core principles?
    16 50:15 Would you end your career as an academic in order to enter politics as a candidate for Member of Parliament under Andrew Scheer’s leadership?
    17 51:54 What is the role of art in a healthy culture? Is postmodernism as destructive in this domain as in politics?
    18 57:37 Have you ever had to tell someone that they are best suited to a subservient/blue-collar lifestyle because they don’t have any semblance of brilliance?
    19 1:05:21 What is your advice for someone who lives with chronic pain? How can I discipline myself mentally in order to be productive when I feel awful all the time? What coping methods can I use?
    20 1:08:53 Is joining the military a respectable path for my life?
    21 1:09:47 Becoming a truthful person involves dealing with the guilt of past lies. Is it better to come clean about old lies even if they will ruin lives, or forgive yourself and focus on living truthfully now?
    22 1:12:27 You’ve said that a marriage must be based on trust & transparency and “being shackled together”. How and for how long should you get to know someone? How to set a foundation without scaring them off?
    23 1:20:40 How does it feel to be viewed as a father figure by many people who grew up without one?
    24 1:21:35 How do you formulate good questions, given that a well-oriented question seems often more critical than the answer?
    25 1:23:53 You’ve said that positive emotion comes from moving towards a goal, but also that friends and family are critical to a fulfilling life. Are both of those hitting the same neural circuits?
    26 1:25:05 Not to take away from your interpretations, but for a skeptic, how do you know that your analyses of Biblical stories are true? That you’re not reading further into them than what they are?

    Copied from YouTube (credit to Viktoria Serkis)

  • jordanbpetersonarchive 9:12 pm on April 17, 2018 Permalink | Reply  

    2# Patreon Q&A [June 2017] 

    01 1:04 I work at MaRS in Toronto. Can you share your thoughts on why it hasn’t worked?
    02 1:44 Considering the overwhelming success of the Patreon account and the money raised by Rebel what will you be doing with the contributions?
    03 10:40 Is the belief in something more than experienced reality unreasonable?
    04 16:42 Are you feeling alright; how is your health?
    05 18:54 What is the female to male ratio is in your classes currently?
    06 19:50 What are your thoughts on the Book of Revelation in the Bible?
    07 21:08 Do you see any downside on a child getting raised by its father in the first 3 years while the mother is working full time? Are there any psychological consequences for the child to be expected?
    08 25:41 Do you think that boys in our society are in need of a concrete transition to manhood, like a modern day initiation ritual?
    09 37:12 Thoughts on the Jews?
    10 39:36 How did you meet your wife and why did you marry her?
    11 44:07 What’s your advice to young men seeking a woman for marriage and family?
    12 52:03 On the other hand, what is your advice to high achieving females for finding a man?
    13 55:21 How do I get over my fear of driving? I’m an adult and not having a licence is crippling me.
    14 57:52 Any suggestions for someone about to start University?
    15 59:35 With the majority of your audience being men, how would you characterize the few women that are genuinely interested in your videos? Does it mean their masculine side might be preeminent?
    16 1:00:54 What should I do if every time I voluntarily confront my problems, I get too overwhelmed with stress to make progress solving them?
    17 1:06:06 Do you have any advice for figuring out if vengeance is ever a good thing or if it is always bad
    18 1:09:12 I’d like to take a good big 5 test. I have noticed there are many online. Where can I find the most accurate test to take?
    19 1:10:20 If psychedelics increase openness and openness is correlated with intelligence, can psychedelics increase intelligence?
    20 1:11:43 To what extent do you believe that discourse with moderate Muslims can lead to reform of the ideology/faith such that the gap between Islamic and Western beliefs can be bridged?
    21 1:14:36 How many times should I clean my room?
    22 1:16:04 What is your IQ?
    23 1:18:33 I would love to hear you do a lecture series on raising children properly. Is that something you would consider?
    24 1:20:49 Why is it so important to have kids if the world has an over-population problem?
    25 1:27:50 What are your thoughts on using psychedelics to help people overcome traumatic experiences?
    26 1:30:13 If we have betrayed or let people down in the past, how does one move on without guilt turning pathological?
    27 1:33:01 As a female I never had a great inclination to start a family. After watching your material I’m struggling w how much of that drive is my own vs brainwashing by 3rd wave feminists. How do I parse that out?
    28 1:34:32 I follow your daughter’s food blog where she has recently talked about her pregnancy. What are your thoughts on becoming a grandfather?
    29 1:35:39 If dominance hierarchies select for heroes and breed them, why then is Christ a celibate man? Isn’t celibacy an excuse for cowardice?
    30 1:37:28 I have a B.A. in political science and haven’t had any job offers in anything other than retail or all-commission sales in over a year. What should I be applying for?
    31 1:43:04 Advice for a break up after 4 years? I still feel like she is the one.
    32 1:44:51 How do you get over hiding something because people will think of you differently or treat you worse, especially family members and others close to you?
    33 1:46:46 What’s wrong with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs?
    34 1:48:47 Can you further explain your disapproval of Ayn Rand?
    35 1:52:56 Are there evil persons with no redeeming qualities?
    36 1:53:43 How do you make time to read for leisure?
    37 1:55:06 What do you do for fun?
    38 1:56:32 What should I do if my girlfriend isn’t satisfying me sexually?
    39 1:57:59 What are your thoughts on George Orwell?
    40 1:58:58 Advice for aspiring academics, especially philosophy graduate students?
    41 2:00:12 How do you motivate yourself to do something you don’t enjoy but deem important?
    42 2:02:37 What do you think about the line that’s often fed young people to “do what you love” and “follow your dreams”?
    43 2:04:47 What are your thoughts on sleep paralysis?
    44 2:06:35 Your essay writing guidance has proven invaluable. Do you have any guidance round taking notes from books and lectures?
    45 2:09:13 What did postmodernists get right?
    46 2:09:55 You mentioned switching to a Paleo diet some time ago, and from the way your physical appearance seems to have improved, I would say it’s working quite well. Could we have more details into your diet?
    47 2:11:52 What is your advice for people that aren’t very social and have a hard time making friends?

    Copied from YouTube (credit to Viktoria)

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