1# Patreon Q&A [April 2017]

01  1:43 – (Q#1) What is your advice for finding a sane, sound therapist?
1.5  4:45 – (Q#1.5) Does a fruitful psychotherapeutic relationship require the therapist to have temperamental compatibility or shared interests with the patient?
02  5:36 – (Q#2) I heard you recently say that if a woman doesn’t want a baby by the age 30, something is unhealthy [….] When you say something might be wrong or unhealthy, where might I look?
03  8:41 – (Q#3) What do you think of Paul Joseph Watson’s position that populism is the new punk/counterculture?
04  10:25 – (Q#4) Was there ever a time when you saw a therapist of some kind?
05  12:10 – (Q#5) You emphasize the spoken truth and negotiation as the alternative to war and cite Solzhenitsyn as a brilliant documenter of the potential or inevitable fall-out of deceit. But in Solzhenitsyn’s diagnosis of the factors leading to the Gulag Archipelago he also included the failure of people to take a violent stance to disrupt tyranny [….] Do the weapons and power of today make violence an inviable course of action?
06  15:53 – (Q#6) What are your thoughts on Brexit?
07  19:33 – (Q#7) Is “remove the toxic people in your life” wholly good advice?
08  21:49 – (Q#8) What do you think of the phrase “Diversity is our Strength”
09  23:07 – (Q#9) Do you have any practical advice on how I can improve my ability to concentrate and pay attention to the world around me?
10  31:04 – (Q#10) Why didn’t you upload your talk from Western U?
11  35:13 – (Q#11) What are your thoughts on the use of amphetamines to improve conscientiousness?
12  35:42 – (Q#12) I experienced tremendous abuse as a child and it has led to me being a doormat for abuse. I seek out people who reject me, and reject people who seek me out. How do I break this cycle?
13  38:29 – (Q#13) Is it safe to go into psychology in university?
14  39:57 – (Q#14) What music do you like?
15  41:33 – (Q#15) What do you think about the removal of comments (which were all favourable to you) from the recent Hamilton Spectator article online?
16  43:31 – (Q#16) How will rescuing my father from the belly of the whale help me with regards to leftist ideologies?
17  53:35 – (Q#17) As someone who got a humanities degree, bought into post-modern ideology completely and, until hearing your lectures, couldn’t pin-point that feeling of aimlessness, hopelessness, and aversion to responsibility, how do I begin sorting myself out?
18  58:35 – (Q#18) Is this chat really just Patreons?
19  1:00:00 – (Q#19) Why don’t you use a dedicated microphone and headphones?
20  1:01:52 – (Q#20) What is the role of psychology in the selective reconstruction of ethics?
21  1:04:43 – (Q#21) How do you walk the line of being too agreeable or too disagreeable when in a relationship?
22  1:07:02 – (Q#22) How tall are you?
23  1:07:21 – (Q#23) My father is dead. Who do I save from the whale?
24  1:09:53 – (Q#24) Is snoring a bad thing?
25  1:10:21 – (Q#25) What would you recommend for someone who wants to be productive in their free time but just gets sucked into video games and other distractions?
26  1:12:46 – (Q#26) What type of therapy should I seek for my social anxiety with so many options available?
27  1:13:53 – (Q#27) Do you think science is a different domain than religion, and therefore can’t answer questions in each other’s domain?
28  1:15:35 – (Q#28) How old were you when everything you understood started to come together?
29  1:18:39 – (Q#29) Isn’t the Future-Authoring program just praying?
30  1:19:50 – (Q#30) What is your favourite Biblical story?
31  1:22:40 – (Q#31) Are you in the Illuminati……
32  1:23:21 – (Q#32) Will you ever visit Fredericton?
33  1:25:10 – (Q#33) How did the post-modernists so successfully take over the education system?
34  1:26:28 – (Q#34) What is the relationship between IQ and wisdom?
35  1:27:51 – (Q#35) I think the of psychedelic drugs in my youth has made my thinking cloudy and uncertain. What can I do about this now?
36  1:29:24 – (Q#36) Do you believe in the power of Lord Kek? What do you think about the rise of Meme Magic?
37  1:30:19 – (Q#37) Is there a universal female story opposite to the hero myth?
38  1:31:27 – (Q#38) What do you think is the archetypal significance of the popularity of the anti-hero in American television.
39  1:34:51 – (Q#39) What is your favourite meme made of you?
40  1:37:47 – (Q#40) What are your personal spiritual practices and rituals? ….. “The Simpsons and Trailer Park Boys”

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