2# Patreon Q&A [June 2017]

01 1:04 I work at MaRS in Toronto. Can you share your thoughts on why it hasn’t worked?
02 1:44 Considering the overwhelming success of the Patreon account and the money raised by Rebel what will you be doing with the contributions?
03 10:40 Is the belief in something more than experienced reality unreasonable?
04 16:42 Are you feeling alright; how is your health?
05 18:54 What is the female to male ratio is in your classes currently?
06 19:50 What are your thoughts on the Book of Revelation in the Bible?
07 21:08 Do you see any downside on a child getting raised by its father in the first 3 years while the mother is working full time? Are there any psychological consequences for the child to be expected?
08 25:41 Do you think that boys in our society are in need of a concrete transition to manhood, like a modern day initiation ritual?
09 37:12 Thoughts on the Jews?
10 39:36 How did you meet your wife and why did you marry her?
11 44:07 What’s your advice to young men seeking a woman for marriage and family?
12 52:03 On the other hand, what is your advice to high achieving females for finding a man?
13 55:21 How do I get over my fear of driving? I’m an adult and not having a licence is crippling me.
14 57:52 Any suggestions for someone about to start University?
15 59:35 With the majority of your audience being men, how would you characterize the few women that are genuinely interested in your videos? Does it mean their masculine side might be preeminent?
16 1:00:54 What should I do if every time I voluntarily confront my problems, I get too overwhelmed with stress to make progress solving them?
17 1:06:06 Do you have any advice for figuring out if vengeance is ever a good thing or if it is always bad
18 1:09:12 I’d like to take a good big 5 test. I have noticed there are many online. Where can I find the most accurate test to take?
19 1:10:20 If psychedelics increase openness and openness is correlated with intelligence, can psychedelics increase intelligence?
20 1:11:43 To what extent do you believe that discourse with moderate Muslims can lead to reform of the ideology/faith such that the gap between Islamic and Western beliefs can be bridged?
21 1:14:36 How many times should I clean my room?
22 1:16:04 What is your IQ?
23 1:18:33 I would love to hear you do a lecture series on raising children properly. Is that something you would consider?
24 1:20:49 Why is it so important to have kids if the world has an over-population problem?
25 1:27:50 What are your thoughts on using psychedelics to help people overcome traumatic experiences?
26 1:30:13 If we have betrayed or let people down in the past, how does one move on without guilt turning pathological?
27 1:33:01 As a female I never had a great inclination to start a family. After watching your material I’m struggling w how much of that drive is my own vs brainwashing by 3rd wave feminists. How do I parse that out?
28 1:34:32 I follow your daughter’s food blog where she has recently talked about her pregnancy. What are your thoughts on becoming a grandfather?
29 1:35:39 If dominance hierarchies select for heroes and breed them, why then is Christ a celibate man? Isn’t celibacy an excuse for cowardice?
30 1:37:28 I have a B.A. in political science and haven’t had any job offers in anything other than retail or all-commission sales in over a year. What should I be applying for?
31 1:43:04 Advice for a break up after 4 years? I still feel like she is the one.
32 1:44:51 How do you get over hiding something because people will think of you differently or treat you worse, especially family members and others close to you?
33 1:46:46 What’s wrong with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs?
34 1:48:47 Can you further explain your disapproval of Ayn Rand?
35 1:52:56 Are there evil persons with no redeeming qualities?
36 1:53:43 How do you make time to read for leisure?
37 1:55:06 What do you do for fun?
38 1:56:32 What should I do if my girlfriend isn’t satisfying me sexually?
39 1:57:59 What are your thoughts on George Orwell?
40 1:58:58 Advice for aspiring academics, especially philosophy graduate students?
41 2:00:12 How do you motivate yourself to do something you don’t enjoy but deem important?
42 2:02:37 What do you think about the line that’s often fed young people to “do what you love” and “follow your dreams”?
43 2:04:47 What are your thoughts on sleep paralysis?
44 2:06:35 Your essay writing guidance has proven invaluable. Do you have any guidance round taking notes from books and lectures?
45 2:09:13 What did postmodernists get right?
46 2:09:55 You mentioned switching to a Paleo diet some time ago, and from the way your physical appearance seems to have improved, I would say it’s working quite well. Could we have more details into your diet?
47 2:11:52 What is your advice for people that aren’t very social and have a hard time making friends?

Copied from YouTube (credit to Viktoria)

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