7# Patreon Q&A [November 2017]

01  2:20 – How do you justify a rejection of identitarianism when a pillar of the neo-Marxist strategy is to demographically replace the indigenous people of Europe. London is less than half ethnically English.
02  4:28 – I lose my ability to think straight or intelligently in confrontational or unfriendly social situations. Any suggestions for adaptations or improvement?
03  7:27 – I would love to hear you do a lecture series on raising children properly. Is that something you would consider?
04  10:00 – Looking at myself honestly, I’m deeply envious and resentful of others’ happiness. How do I turn this around?
05  12:28 – Why are you now hiding the amount you receive from Patreon?
06  14:30 – Thoughts on the radical left and their superficial view belief and value of the environment? How is this influenced by their own raw emotions, inviting questionable, immoral and dangerous actions despite good intentions?
07  16:28 – How does one save a marriage when there’s no longer attraction both physically and intellectually? There are kids involved, which is the main reason for wanting to save the marriage.
08  19:14 – You edited out a disagreement with Camille Paglia. What was it?
09  19:43 – Are you interested in coming to Australia?
10  20:05 – How can a person go through the Future Authoring process and imagining a future for yourself as though you were someone you care about when you don’t care about yourself or even hate yourself?
11  21:35 – Were the Nazis left-wing?
12  23:32 – Who has the higher IQ – a really gifted mathematician or a really gifted painter?
13  26:02 – Hello Doctor I am a 23 year old man with paranoid schizophrenia. However I feel [like I am] controlling 95% of it. I desire to seek a partner but I am afraid about how to reveal it. Any advice on how to approach it?
14  27:59 – How would you address accusations that you are creating another ideological group identity which is equal in its capacity for destruction to post-modern neo-marxism?
15  31:27 – What is the evolutionary reason for having consciousness?
16 34:24 – Would you consider a more official consultancy role with Andrew Schier’s conservative party?
17  37:36 – Recently moved up and was promoted and I’m not liking it because I’ve had to adjust massively. Is there a difference between not liking your job and a lack of discipline to form a change? Are they connected?
18  38:59 – My IQ is north of 130 and I question my own intelligence all the time. I feel a big cognitive dissonance between what people expect of me and what I consider myself capable of.
19  41:03 – question got blocked out by lag or something? You can catch part of his answer starting at about 41:15, it has to do with what art he likes
20  42:00 – Hi Dr. Peterson, how does a score of 91 for compassion and 1 for politeness equal a score of 35 for agreeableness?
21  43:30 – The opioid crisis in my community in the Midwest of America greatly bothers me. I have been thinking about becoming a police officer. The culture hasn’t been very favourable towards cops lately. Maybe majoring in law in grad school instead. Advice please, thanks.
22 47:29 – Hi Jordan, what are feelings and why do we have them?
23  51:38 – Recently I took a job working at a camp with at-risk boys. While I am there I will live as a counselor in a house with the kids. Any advice for working with young people with behavioral issues?
24  54:15 – How do you clean your room when your spouse doesn’t share that goal?
25  57:28 – What advice would you give the parent of an only child?
26  58:18 – How’s the grandpa-ing going?
27  59:14 – I constantly cannot verbalize my thoughts, written and vocal, regardless of topic and my level of knowledge. Tips for verbalizing thoughts to get them into writing and therefore speech?
28  1:01:12 – What is your plan if YouTube deletes your account?
29  1:02:00 – How to be less afraid of death?
30  1:04:34 – Dr. Peterson, I have an interview for medicine coming up very soon, it’s structured in the MMI format and it’s intensely competitive. Any tips on how to stand out from the rest?
31  1:08:14 – Many of my friends sing the wonders of diversity. I try to tell them diversity isn’t a moral good, but I end up looking like some terrible racist. Why isn’t diversity a moral good?
32  1:12:22 – How does one distinguish an argument coming from oneself rather than from ideology?
33  1:15:50 – I scored in the 0th percentile for conscientiousness and 84th for neuroticism. How do I improve these scores?
34  1:17:42 – How can you be confident and courageous when your father was emotionally absent and narcissistic? I’m 21 and quite creative, my mother is a people-pleaser who isn’t confident in herself and uses me as emotional support. Help.
35  1:20:04 – Can’t increase your IQ in any significant way Eat healthy, do the right thing, best potential
36  1:21:21 – I often don’t do very well/don’t trust myself to stand up for myself in aggressive situations. How do I know when I’ve incorporated my shadow?
37  1:23:53 – Can you please release your new book as an audio book as well in your own voice?
38  1:24:29 – Would you ever consider having a dialogue with a legitimate Muslim scholar?
39  1:26:08 – I’ve been incredibly inspired by what you do and would like to enlighten people in a similar manner. Is it appropriate to aim to have as much an impact as you or more so?
40  1:28:40 – Should artists waste their time in art school?
41  1:29:56 – Why did you have a problem with Lindsay Shepherd being criticized for being non-critical but you criticize Faith Goldie for being non-critical?
42  1:33:01 – Do you think you publicly disassociate yourself enough from neo-nazis who use your work as justification for violence and propaganda?
43  1:36:02 – Address the Jewish question.
44 1:39:26 – Should I start with Past Authoring if I am 40? I feel like I have so many unsolved issues from my past which prevent me from accomplishing my potential.
45  1:39:52 – [Reading from 12 Rules for Life begins]

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