Biblical Series 11 (XI): Sodom and Gomorrah *Q&A*

01  1:52:22 So how does it feel to be a grandfather?
02  1:53:11 How does circumcision as a method of sacrifice makes sense if the circumcised can’t agree?
03  1:56:31 With the phrase from Maps of Meaning “you have to earn the right to identify with an idea”, how should a young person, without life experience, read and interact with the wisdom of culture and incorporate it into a structure that still is authentically their own?
04  2:00:13 How do you reconcile the different approaches from Eastern and Western philosophy with one another?
05  2:06:37 Can you expand on the Notion that you face the sins of your family all the time?
06  2:12:17 What is going on with censorship and what should people do about it?
07  2:16:46 How do you convince people to see a point in standing up?
08  2:21:21 What happens to society if company’s like google, which controls our information, censor not only themselves but also the information they make available to the world?
09  2:25:17 Regarding the Book of Revelations: Why is the State referred to as female, positive and negative, while you refer to the State as male or masculine?

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