11# Patreon Q&A [September 2018]


01 0:09:52 – New book due Sept 2019 & Return of Biblical Lecture series Sept-Dec 2019
02 0:10:45 – Desire to do a lecture series detailing the “sacred icons of the radical left”: Marx, Foucault, Derrida, Betty Friedan, Judith Butle
03 0:11:18 – Poem by Karl Marx (Invocation of One in Despair) and some commentary
04 0:18:38 – (Q#1) Any advice on effectively implementing what I learn into my life? I resonate with 12 Rules so much while reading but struggle to remember it in my day to day life.
05 0:23:06 – Julian rescues his father from the belly of technological despair
06 0:24:23 – (Q#2) You mentioned analyzing one of your wife’s dreams that left you feeling hopeful that we’ll emerge from this chaos okay? Do you still feel this way?
07 0:29:51 – (Q#3) You said the narrow bandwidth of TV made us think we were stupider than we are; will internet censorship lead to the same problem once TV is supplanted?
08 0:35:27 – (Q#4) Much of your early work deals with alcoholism, what prompted your interest in that area and your apparent shift to issues clustered around personality?
09 0:49:23 – (Q#5) Are you aware of any critics of your work that are deep and credible? (someone who at minimum has read Maps of Meaning)
10 0:55:56 – (Q#6) Wesley Yang reported that you met with tech titans Marc Andreessen and Peter Thiel, both of whom advocate for decentralized education; can you share anything about this?
11 1:00:35 – (Q#7) Have you spoken with Nasim Taleb following your brief Twitter exchange?
12 1:01:11 – Some comments on the Pangburn Sam Harris debates; first video to be released Sept 1st, 2018 on JBP’s channel
13 1:06:30 – (Q#8) How do you reconcile studies that show genetics superseding environment in life outcomes with your own experience conducting successful psychotherapy?
14 1:09:01– (Q#9) Please comment on Jung-Pauli’s Unus Mundus hypothesis. Does this correlate with quantum-theory solutions to the Hard Problem of Consciousness (Penrose, Hameroff, Orch-OR)

Copied from YouTube (credit to Viktoria)

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