Q&A [March 2019]


01 00:30 update
02 05:00 what is your favorite soup?
03 06:10 when will you restart your Bible series?
04 10:33 how can I teach my children the biblical stories in a productive way without the dogma or literal interpretation of organized religion?
05 13:14 what question are you asked way too seldom?
06 31:10 don’t you find it interesting that people are coming to your lectures and are psychologically and philosophically inclined?
07 34:08 how to balance between keeping peace and speaking truth in an intimate relationship?
08 49:03 how can I transition to having fewer but better friends?
09 53:00 Disney and Marvel has taken a direction towards promoting SJW agendas, despite backlash. Thoughts?
10 55:30 what is the soul to you?
11 1:07:01 what are some practical ways to organize people interested in reinforcing western values and culture without attracting extremists?
12 1:13:53 how to find friends as a traditional woman?
13 1:24:39 how do I stop emotional eating?
14 1:28:10 what can we do to stop identity politics from the Silicon Valley?
1:31:15 I procrastinate, how do I avoid this?

Copied from YouTube (credit to Daniela Aedo)

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